HN-RTR Input/output Interface Module
  • Easy to use – simple plug in/out design
  • Two RJ45 inputs and four RCA outputs
  • Metal enclosure with rack mount handle Black finish
581271 (L-PHP15A) 15 W Horn Loudspeaker

L-PHP15A is a 15 W horn loudspeaker. Its low-profile appearance and white cover makes it blend easily into many outdoor environments.In addition to excellent voice reproduction and sound transmission effect, the loudspeaker is water and dust protected, making it ideal for noisy and spacious outdoor applications, such as sports fields, parks, ex- hibition halls, factories and train stations etc.The horn loudspeaker is supplied with strong adjust- able mounting bracket, enabling the operator to com- plete the installation at ease.

SS-WM06 6.5” Wall Mount Loudspeaker

The SS-WM06 is an economic wall mount loudspeaker for general purpose applications. It is a full range loudspeaker for speech and music reproduction in shops, department stores, schools, oflces, stadium, hotels and restaurants.

  • Suitabel for speech and music reproduction Suitable in humid condition
  • Easy to install
  • Simple power setting
  • Comply with international safety regulations
X-DCS2000/EN Digital Integrated System Manager

X-DCS2000/EN Digital Integrated System Manager (abbr. DCS) is the central unit of X-618 Public Address and Voice Alarm System. DCS integrates plentiful functions such as zone expansion, multiple audio sources support, audio file storage, net audio, broadcasting, zone control, monitoring, fault diagnosis etc. The supplied X-618 system management software allows users to easily and efficiently manage and configure DCS’s control settings.

X-NPMI Configurable Network Paging Console

X-NPMI Configurable Network Paging Console is a key module in X-618 Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System. It provides paging, monitoring, full duplex communication, touch screen operation and other configurable functions.

  • 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen
  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • Detachable gooseneck microphone
  • Built-in monitor loudspeaker Digital audio processing
  • Flush mount desktop installation available
  • Microphone monitoring


LBB 1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm Call Station

The LBB 1956/00 call station is a stylish, high-quality call station with a stable metal base design, a flexible microphone stem and a unidirectional condenser microphone. It can make calls to selected zones (one to six and all-call) in a public address system built with the Plena Voice Alarm System. In addition to tabletop use, the special design allows it to be neatly flush- mounted in desktops. The LBB 1957/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Keypad is an extension adding seven additional keys.

LBB 1957/00 Plena Voice Alarm Keypad

The LBB 1957/00 Call Station Keypad is an extension to the LBB 1956/00 Plena Voice Alarm System Call Station that adds seven additional zone-select keys. It has the same stable metal base as the call station. In addition to tabletop use, the special design allows it to be neatly flush-mounted in desktops.

LBB 1992/00 Plena Voice Alarm Router

The Plena Voice Alarm Router is an expansion unit that can add six zones and 12 input contacts to the Voice Alarm System. It can use the built-in amplifier on the LBB 1990/00 Voice Alarm Controller, and provides inputs and outputs for one or two amplifiers in a multi- amplifier one or two-channel system.

It provides dual channel operation for calls and BGM simultaneously to a maximum of six different zones, using two Plena amplifiers. Additionally, single channel operation is possible with only one Plena amplifier.

LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller

The Plena Voice Alarm Controller unit is the heart of the voice alarm system. It is the basis of the Plena Voice Alarm System, and has all the essential functionality for compliance with the EN 54‑16 and EN 60849 standards, including full system supervision, loudspeaker line impedance supervision, a supervised emergency microphone on the front panel and a supervised message manager.

The messages can be merged to allow even more flexible use of pre-recorded announcements and evacuation messages. The controller can be used as a stand-alone system with up to six zones, or expanded to up to 120 zones using additional six-zone routers. Up to eight call stations can be connected. Interconnections are made using standard RJ45 connectors and shielded CAT-5 cable.

LBC 3090/31 Ceiling Loudspeaker

Bosch loudspeakers offer a combination of quality, performance and innovation in public address. They are the result of over half a century’s experience in professional audio, and meet virtually all sound reinforcement system requirements.

LBB 1938/20 Plena Power Amplifier

The LBB 1938/20 is a powerful 480 W power amplifier in a 3U high 19”case for rack mounting or tabletop use. LEDs on the front panel show the status of the amplifier: power, audio output level, and supervised functions. This high-performance unit fulfills a wide range of public address requirements at a surprisingly low cost.

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