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For over 50 years, NOTIFIER has been in a leadership position in the fire alarm industry. Today Notifier is the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with a large network and regional support operations in all continents.

Installing, servicing and maintaining fire systems often pose unique challenges. So it stands to reason that meeting those challenges requires a high-quality well trained installer & service provider who offers:

  • Experience — from applications, system design, commissioning and bonding to technical assistance and training
  • Service that is unsurpassed in all areas
  • Personnel who are specially-trained and knowledgeable Support from NOTIFIER, the leading manufacturer in the fire alarm industry
  • Support from NOTIFIER, the leading manufacturer in the fire alarm industry

For customers, it creates confidence knowing they can rely on one source for:

  • Application, system design and technical assistance
  • Assistance in commissioning systems
  • Computer Aided Design support
  • Project management support The result is a top-quality, reliable, engineered system that's cost-effective over the long-term.


System Sensor Linear Heat Detector (LHD) Dealers in Chennai India

The Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is a continuous heat detector in the form of a cable. It can detect heat at any points along its entire length. The cable is composed of two twisted shield conductors insulated with a heat sensitive polymer, then wrapped with a protective tape and finished with an outer covering.Linear Heat Detection Cable is available in resettable and non-resettable technology. The non-resettable cable is described as Digital and the resettable as Analogue.

800 Series Digital LHD Cable (Non-Resettable)

The 800 series is a fixed temperature and non-resettable digital cable. The cable contains insulators which melt at a specific temperature. At the rated temperature, the heat sensitive polymeric insulation creates pressure between conductors, permitting them make contact with each other thereby initiating an alarm signal at the control panel. The LHDC is installed in conjunction with an end-of-line (EOL) device for continuity monitoring and a junction box (optional) for leader wire connection.

900 Series Analogue LHD Cable (Resettable)

The 900 series is an analogue heat sensing cable containing insulators of which resistance varies proportionally to changes in temperature. Analogue cable is installed in conjunction with an end-of-line (EOL) device for continuity monitoring and a modulator providing selectable alarm thresholds (programmed before shipping), fire and fault outputs. This cable is self-restorable after the fire event as long as its temperature does not exceed specified resettable temperature limit of 120°C (248°F). Alarm temperature setting ranges between 70°C to 130°C (158°F to 266°F). Customer can specify its own alarm temperature setting. The factory default setting is set at 85°C (185°F).

  • Multiple configurations for installations:
    - Digital type of LHD cables
    - Analogue type of LHD cables
  • Multiple alarm temperature ratings available for both digital and analogue type
  • Maximum zone length (Digital) - 1000 meters
  • Maximum zone length (Analogue) – 600 meters
  • Resettable temperature up to 120°C (248°F) (Analogue)
  • Selectable alarm temperature threshold programmed before shipping (Analogue)
  • Normal, fault and alarm indicators on the 900 series modulator (Analogue)
  • Compatible with any conventional or intelligent fire alarm panel
  • Smoothing algorithms provide false alarm immunity
Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System

The NFS2-3030 is an intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel designed for medium- to large-scale facilities. Fire emergency detection and evacuation are extremely critical to life safety, and the NFS2-3030 is ideally suited for these applications. The NFS2-3030 is part of the ONYX® Series of products from NOTIFIER.

The NFS2-3030 is ideal for virtually any application because it features a modular design that is configured per project requirements. With one to ten Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs), the NFS2-3030 supports up to 3,180 intelligent addressable devices.

Information is critical to fire evacuation personnel, and the NFS2-3030’s large 640-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) presents vital information to operators concerning a fire situation, fire progression, and evacuation details.

The NFS2-3030 supports the FireWatch Series internet monitoring modules IPDACT-2 and IPDACT-2UD and permits monitoring of alarm signals over the Internet, saving the monthly cost of two dedicated business telephone lines. Although not required, the secondary telephone line may be retained providing backup communication over the public switched telephone line.

A host of other options are available, including single- or multichannel voice; firefighters telephone; LED, LCD, or PC-based graphic annunciators; fire or integration networking; advanced detection products for challenging environments, and many additional options.

​HONEY WELL NOTIFIER ​Intelligent Devices Digital Voice Command DVC-EM, DVC-EMF, DVC-EMSF

The DVC is the heart of an integrated, full-featured Audio Command Center. The DVC Digital Voice Command combines the capabilities of a powerful digital audio processor, an eventdriven audio message generator, and a router. Designed for use with Digital Audio Loop (DAL) devices such as DAA2, DAX and DAA series digital amplifiers, each DVC supports a dedicated audio network with up to eight channels of audio, five channels of firefighter telephone communications, and control and supervision for up to 32 DAL devices. DVCs are available in versions supporting wire, multi-mode fiber, or single-mode fiber media. Larger audio systems incorporating hundreds of amplifiers can be created by networking additional DVC units via NOTI•FIRE•NET™.

The DVC may be networked with ONYX® Series panels via NOTI•FIRE•NET with an NCA-2, or with an NFS2-3030 (running in network monitor mode). A DVC can be connected directly with a single NFS2-640 or NFS2-3030 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) to create a standalone integrated audio solution as well. Refer to the DVC manual for details. When used as an Audio Command Center with Emergency Paging capability, the optional DVC-KD Keypad Display is required.

​Intelligent Devices

  • Acclimate™ Intelligent Photo Thermal Detector; with FlashScan
  • FCM and FRM Series Modules
  • Intelligent control and relay modules with FlashScan
    FMM and FZM Series Modules
  • Intelligent monitor modules with FlashScan
  • Intelligent Beam Smoke Detector with FlashScan
    FSC-851 IntelliQuad
  • Advanced Multi-Criteria Detector with four unique sensing elements
  • Intelligent Plug-in Ionization Detector with FlashScan
    FSL-751 VIEW®
  • Intelligent Laser Smoke Detector with FlashScan
  • Intelligent Plug-in Photo Detector with FlashScan
    FST-851 Series
  • Intelligent Thermal Detector w/FlashScan
  • Firephone Control Module with FlashScan®
  • Loop Isolator Module; isolates against short circuits on the SLC.
  • Addressable NBG-12L Pull Station; with FlashScan.
  • Ten Input Monitor Module

Notification Appliances

    AS and AH Series
  • Audible Strobe Devices Data Sheet
    CH Series
  • Electronic Chimes and Chime Strobes Data Sheet
    E Series
  • Low-Profile Speakers and Speaker Strobes Data Sheet
    ET Series
  • Low-Profile Speakers and Speaker Strobes Data Sheet
    Series MT
  • Multitone Electronic Appliances Data Sheet
  • Advance Field-Selectable Mass Notification Devices Data Sheet
  • Advance Indoor Selectable Output Speaker Strobes and Dual Voltage Evacuation Speakers Data Sheet
  • Advance Mini-Horns MHR/MHW Data Sheet

FireWarden Peripherals

  • Fault Isolator Mod. for FireWarden Series
  • Control and Relay Module for FireWarden Series
  • Low-Flow Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector w/Relay for FireWarden Series
  • Intelligent Addressable Thermal Detectors for FireWarden Series
  • Intelligent Addressable Ionization Detectors for FireWarden Series
  • Addressable Monitor Modules for the FireWarden Series
  • Addressable Manual Pull Station for FireWarden Series
  • Addressable Photoelectric Detectors for FireWarden Series

Conventional Devices

    1451 2-/4-
  • Wire Ionization Smoke Detectors
    302 Series
  • Rate-Anticipation Heat Detectors
    30-2021 & 30-2021E
  • Ultraviolet Flame Detector
  • Infrared Flame Detector
  • 135° Fixed Temp. & Rate- of-Rise Thermal Detector
    5600 Series
  • Mechanical Heat Detectors
  • Conventional Base with Sounder
  • Conventional Reflective Beam Detectors
    BNG and BRG Series
  • Manual Fire Alarm Stations
    FD Series
  • Single UV UV Flame Detector
    FD Series
  • Triple IR Infrared flame detector
    FD Series UV/IR
  • Flame Detector Combination UV/IR flame detector
    I3 Series
  • Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
    MPS-950 Series
  • Non-Coded Manual Fire Alarm Station (CANADA)
    NBG-12 Series
  • Non-Coded Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations
  • Agent Release Stations
  • Non-Coded Manual Fire Alarm
    PIBV2 and OSY2
  • Supervisory Switches
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